During pre-sales discussions with prospective managed service clients, we are often asked what is the ‘standard’ AWS managed service offering. In our experience, requirement footprints can vary considerably for different organisations. That said, here are 10 services that consistently end up on the mandatory requirement list.

  1. Service Monitoring:
    Monitoring of AWS availability and performance metrics (i.e. availability, disk space, memory and CPU utilization) with automation of recovery actions.
  2. Incident Handling & Problem Management:
    24×7 detection, handling and resolution of incidents within severity-driven SLA time-frames.
  3. Backup & Restore Management:
    Regular back-up, retention and restore of data in accordance with the client’s RTO and RPO requirements.
  4. Start-Stop Schedules and Auto-Scaling Management:
    Ongoing monitoring and management of instance start-stop schedules and auto-scaling to ensure that AWS usage-based costs are minimised
  5. Anti-Malware and IPS Management:
    Ensuring that anti-malware, IPS and IDS management/protection remains up to date on all AWS instances and that centrally logged security incidents are actioned on a timely basis.
  6. Automated Updates & Patching:
    Automated deployment of all required patches and updates with minimized impact on application availability.
  7. Proactive Capacity Management & Cost Optimization:
    Ongoing proactive analysis and actioning of capacity and performance metrics to ensure performance and minimize cost.
  8. Centralized and Automated Identity and Access Management:
    Authorized request based access management for AWS environments that is timely, secure, auditable and compliant.
  9. Innovation and Deployment Support:
    Ongoing technical consulting and engagement to develop your team and or ensure you are performing best practice and well architected deployments in AWS.
  10. Change Management:
    Controlled implementation of changes to AWS application stacks and environments according to client processes and procedures.