AWS Data Platforms

By bringing your data to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud you enable the usage of a comprehensive suite of innovative and cost-effective AWS data services for ingestion, storage, transformation, analysis and monetization of your data. To facilitate effective and secure usage of your data in the AWS cloud, you need to establish architectural principles, design practices and data policies that align with the strategy of your organization, ensure compliance usage of data, and allow you to easily obtain the benefits of data in the AWS cloud.

  • A successful approach to data ingestion and consolidation requires known business objectives, a dynamic and flexible approach, and the continuous establishing of achievable incremental milestones.
  • The continuous development and improvement of data services in AWS, requires a flexible approach to solutioning centered around a with a central source of primary data. For this purpose, it is recommended to consider the creation a ‘data lake’ with AWS Lake Formation.
  • Data platform activities require an empowered program team and an experience AWS partner or inhouse AWS competency.
  • Tooling and automation are core to successful data platform projects.
  • Collaborative engagements and clear communication with business owners and users are key to all successful data platform activities.


Data Platform projects are inherently complex and can become a ‘money and resource pit’ very quickly. Our experience is that it is beneficial to work on successful delivery of shorter-term objectives that are delivering value to the business as you build out a data platform. We are here to help your organisation efficiently and effectively plan and deliver on a data platform project in AWS, regardless of size and complexity.

Through the various AWS data related programs, we work closely with AWS to enable AWS funding and support for client data platform projects, helping to ensure the success of and significantly reducing the cost of data platform projects. Amazon Web Services and AWS partners support your data projects in the AWS cloud, you can ensure success by starting with a good data strategy.

TerraAlto a PFH Technology Group company, has 10 years’ experience working as an AWS Advance Consulting Partner, during this time we have engaged in multiple data platform projects and acquired the skills and knowledge needed to make your data platform projects on the AWS cloud successful, efficient, and aligned with your business objectives.

We safeguard your company, enable your data strategy, and provide technology for growth.

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