AWS DevOPs and Automation


Historically many organizations have been vertically structured with poor integration among development, infrastructure, security and support teams. Developers want to build applications and change things quickly, whereas IT operations are focused on stability and reliability. This mismatch in goals can lead to conflict and a failure to achieve business goals. DevOPs represents a culture shift to encourage collaboration to deliver application development faster with greater level of reliability and stabilty. We work hard to enable continuous deployment, continuous integrations and automation of operations & compliance with AWS services and where appropriate 3rd party tooling.

Case study: Docker and Java deployment pipeline on AWS ECS with Gitlab, Gitlab CI and Ansible

Operations Automation

We ensure all operational requirements are met at deployment by baking them into your Cloudformation templates. We inventory, automate and confirm alignment using standard AWS services or Lambda for custom requirements such as creation of a custom alarm on EC2 instance launch and removal on EC2 instance termination.

Case study: AMI and Snapshot housekeeping

Infrastructure As Code (IAC)

We use AWS CloudFormation to define the implementation and configuration of your AWS environments and application stacks. From network, through IAM, to application stacks we enable you to manage the definition and change of your environments as version controlled source code. This allows for repeatable and reliable deployment across clients, AWS accounts and from Development through to Production.

Case study: Cloudformation Nested Stack – Full Application Environment

Deployment Pipelines

We work extensively with AWS CodeCommit, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy to enable application development teams in the development, testing and deployment of applications.

Case study: Deployment pipelines Lambda & Python Spark

Compliance Automation

We implement Compliance Automation with the innovative usage of AWS Services.

Case study: Trend Micro Deep Security unmanaged instances alerts

Data manipulation

Data manipulation using Lambda and Event Triggers on S3 buckets is used extensively by our team for various use cases and scenarios.

Case study: Automated failsafe AWS Account for application stack

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