AWS Security and Compliance

Design and implement your usage of applications, solutions, and services on AWS with recognized security and compliance frameworks from the start. By default, we will ensure your usage of AWS and solutions on AWS are aligned with the AWS Well-Architected Framework and the AWS CIS Foundations Benchmark on deployment. Incorporate security practices and policies into your foundational architecture for cloud, and design practices.

  • Security and compliance should be inherent in all activities from the outset, with the awareness and support of the internal organization.
  • Security and compliance activities require a committed and empowered program team and an experienced AWS partner or inhouse AWS competency.
  • Smart usage of tooling and automation are core to continuous and dynamic security and compliance.
  • The mandatory inclusion of security in development, design and deployment activities are important to establishing a good security position in your organization.


It is easy to deploy resources and for development teams to incorporate services into their application in AWS, but we are here to help your organisation consistently and continuously validate the security and compliance of your design and usage of services on AWS.

As a member of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Program, we work closely with clients to provide discussion of, evaluation of, and subsequent recommendations on your usage of AWS. Under this program AWS provide funding and support for implementation of these recommendations and improvements. Amazon Web Services and AWS partners support you in your secure and compliant usage of the AWS cloud.

TerraAlto a PFH Technology Group company, has 10 years’ experience working as an AWS Advance Consulting Partner, we provide continuous and dynamic inclusion of security and compliance in all our projects, consulting, and managed services, we have the skills and knowledge needed to secure your usage of AWS cloud.

We secure your company, enable continuous and dynamic compliance, and provide technology for growth.

If you would like to learn more about cloud security and compliance on AWS, you can contact us on